Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Daily Summary 23 June 15

Europe and Dow were up sharply last night. Dow closed +104 at 18120. Trend of Dow is starting to move up. Dow's future is now +28. Europe opened firmly up.

Asian bourses were mostly up. Nikkei +381, ShanghaiC +97, Hangseng +253. STI closed +23 at 3338. Volume was 1.2b shares. Gainers were 246 to 220 losers.

Trend of STI is looking up.

Top volumes were Debao +0.3, IHC unchanged, Noble +1, LifeBrandz +0.1, Ezra -3, Xpress unchanged, Magnus +0.2, HPHTrust -0.5, SIIC -0.5, LionGold -0.2.

STI opened up and moved higher in the afternoon to close near day high. Blue chips faired better with more gainers than losers. The general market also see more gainers than losers.

Europe and Dow are looking good at the moment.

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