Friday, March 2, 2018

Daily Summary 2 Mar 18

European bourses and Dow were down last night.  Dow closed -420 at 24609.
The short trend reversal is turning down again.  Dow's future is now -51.
European bourses opened down.

Asian bourses were mostly down.  Nikkei -589, ShanghaiC -19, Hangseng -461.
STI closed -31 at 3483.  Volume was 2.3b shares.  Gainers were 159 to 260

Trend of STI is turning down.

Top volumes were SinoCloud +0.1, AdvanceSCT unchanged, Infinio +0.2,
ThaiBev -1, Oceanus unchanged, Jiutian -0.2, Genting unchanged, JEP +0.1,
QTVascular -0.2, HPHTrust -0.5.

STI opened down 34 points and stayed down for the whole session. It pulled
back some losses after lunch and closed near day high, still down 31 points
to close for the weekend.

Blue chips were mostly in the red. The general market was also weaker.

European bourses and Dow's future are down at this point in time.

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