Thursday, April 26, 2018

Daily Summary 26 Apr 18

European bourses closed down last night.  Dow closed +60 at 24084.  Trend
of Dow is down.  Dow's future at this moment is -15.  European bourses
opened mixed.

Asian bourses closed mostly down.  Nikkei +104, ShanghaiC -42, Hangseng
-320.  STI closed +3 at 3571.  Volume was 2.7b shares.  Gainers were 166 to
219 losers.

Trend of STI is levelling at this point.

Top volumes were MoyaAsia +0.1, Ezion -2.4, Genting +1, AlliedTech +0.2,
Falcon -0.4, HPHTrust +0.5, SingTel +5, Rowsley +0.2, MapletreeGCCTr +2.

STI opened up but fell immediately to stay flat for the rest of the
morning. After lunch it moved down slightly but recovered in the last hour
to close at +3.

Blue chips were mixed. The general market was weaker.

European bourses are still mixed at this moment while Dow's future is
slightly down.

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