Friday, November 17, 2017

Daily Summary 17 Nov 17

European bourses and Dow were up last night.  Dow closed +187 at 23458.
The one week of falls in Dow is arrested for the moment with yesterday's
gain.  Dow's future at this moment is -26.  European bourses are mixed at
this moment.

Asian bourses closed mostly up. Nikkei +46, ShanghaiC -17, Hangseng +180.
STI closed +41 at 3382. Volume was 2.3b shares.  Gainers were 237 to 169

Trend of STI is seeing a pause after 3 days of falls.

Top volumes were CompactMetal +1, MetalComponent +0.7, Jiutian +0.1,
AlliedTech -0.2, KLW unchanged, Genting +4, Ausgroup +0.2, Rowsley
+unchanged, SenYue +0.1, Charisma unchanged.

STI opened up and stayed up for the whole session. It continued to move up
after lunch after levelling in late morning. It closed at day high at +41
points.  Blue chips were mostly up.  The general market was firmer.

European bourses are mixed while Dow's future is down at this moment.

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