Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Daily Summary 21 Nov 17

European bourses and Dow were up last night.  Dow closed +72 at 23430.
Trend of Dow is moving sideways and the initial phase of downtrend is
arrested for the moment. European bourses opened mixed.

Asian bourses rallied. Nikkei +155, Hangseng +558, ShanghaiC +19.  STI
closed +34 at 3421.  Volume was 2.5b shares.  Gainers were 220 to 188

Trend of STI is turning back up.

Top volumes were AlliedTech -0.4, HoeLeong +1.7, Jiutian -0.1, KrisEnergy
-0.3, QTVascular -0.1, FJ Benjamin +2.5, SweeHong unchanged, Sincap -0.2,
NewWave -0.1, Rowsley -0.1.

STI opened slightly up. It moved up quickly and was at morning high by
noon. After lunch it continued to climb a bit more before pulling back
slightly in late trading to close slightly off its day high of 3429,
closing at 3421. Blue chips were firmer with banks making big gains. The
general market was mixed.

European bourses are still mixed at this moment while Dow's future is
slightly down.

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