Thursday, November 30, 2017

Daily Summary 30 Nov 17

European bourses closed mixed last night.  Dow closed +104 at 23941.  Trend
of Dow is looking up.  Dow's future at this moment is +60. European bourses
opened mixed.

Asian bourses closed mixed.  Nikkei +128, ShanghaiC -20, Hangseng -446.
STI closed -1 at 3438.  Volume was 2.8b shares.  Gainers were 162 to 260

Trend of STI is slipping back.

Top volumes were Allied +1.2, Midas -0.1, NosignBoard IPO closed at 29,
Rowsley -0.2, NetlinkTr -0.5, CapitaComTrust +3, GoldenAgri -1,
CapitaMallTr -1, KepInfraTr -0.5.

STI opened marginally down and fell further by lunch time to -19 points.
After lunch it struggled its way back and by closing it was at the level of
opening, -1 points.

Blue chips were slightly weaker while the general market was down.

European bourses are slightly better now but still mixed. Dow's future is
still up.

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