Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Daily Summary 15 Feb 18

European bourses and Dow were up last night.  Dow closed +253 at 24893.
Trend of Dow is reversing up.  Dow's future at this moment is +77.
European bourses still closed at this moment.

Asian bourses were mostly up.  At this point in time Nikkei +341, ShanghaiC
closed, Hangseng +528. STI closed +41 at 3444.  Volume was 1.1b shares.
Gainers were 251 to 110 losers.

Trend of STI is about to break up.

Top volumes were ThaiBev -6, Jiutian +0.9, MarcoPoloMarine +0.2, Genting
+2, AlliedTech +0.2, JEP +0.4, Accrelist +0.1, YZJ +5, Infinio -0.1,
Spackman +01.

STI opened up slightly and continued to climb to close at day high at +41.
Blue chips were mostly up.  The general market was firmer.

European bourses closed while Dow's future is up at this moment.

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