Friday, June 1, 2018

Daily Summary 1 Jun 18

European bourses and Dow were down last night.  Dow closed -252 at 24416.
Trend of Dow is pointing down. European bourses opened up.

Asian bourses closed mixed.  Nikkei -39, ShanghaiC -20, Hangseng +24.  STI
closed -2 at 3426.  Volume was 2b shares.  Gainers were 174 to 193 losers.

Trend of STI is down.

Top volumes were HPHTrust -0.5, PineCap unchanged, SinGheeHuat +2, YZJ
+6.5, Accrelist unchanged, AlliedTech +0.3, ThomsonMed +0.5, GoldenAgri
unchanged, Ezion unchanged.

STI opened down but turned up after half an hour to marginally positive and
closed for lunch +3. After lunch it slipped down slightly and stayed that
way for the rest of the session.

Blue chips closed mixed. The general market was slightly weaker.

European bourses and Dow's future are up at this moment.

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